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HELP Topics

The deal shown is different from the one offered?Sometimes, the deals shown by the sites keep on changing based on location or the product inventory. Though rare, it could occur to you or us at times, don’t worry, a new deal from another site will come out soon.
What does GrabShack do?GrabShack searches all the nooks and corners of e-commerce sites and coupon sites and provide you with the best possible deal or coupon on the internet, think Google for Deals and Coupons in India.
Can I pitch in coupons or deal?Yes, you can… all you have to do is submit your deal here.
Deal has expired, now what?We regularly check and remove the deals that have expired but in case you encounter a deal that has expired, just search for the product to get the one with the cheapest price in the Indian e-commerce.
How do I use a coupon code?When you click the “View Coupon,” you would have to activate the coupon. At this time, we would open the vendor which is offering the coupon in a new tab and provide you with the coupon code on our website. You just have to copy the coupon code and use it when you checkout on vendor’s website.
How can I submit a coupon?When you are on top of our home page, you would find a link to Submit deals. Once you click it, you would be taken to the page where you can submit either deals or coupons. Once you submit it, it would come to us for approval as we would not want duplication of deals/coupons.
Can find a question here, how do I contact you?We are sorry about that. But hey, you can contact us through our Contact Us page. We would love to answer any question that you may have.
How does it work on mobiles?The process on mobiles is almost the same. Once you activate the deals, you would be directed to the vendor’s mobile website. In case the vendor uses an app then you may be directed to use the app instead.
Are there any printable coupons or only digital coupons?We only work with digital coupons at this point.
I live outside India, can I still order using deals?You can still use GrabShack to find the best deals as you would be ordering through Indian e-commerce websites.
GrabShack missed a lower price?We refresh and cache all our result at an optimal time, but if this has happened with you, please let us know using our contact us page here. We would make sure that this doesn’t happen again.
Why is the coupon not working with my order?The coupons usually apply for a specific deal unless they are off on the total amount. Please look at the details of the coupon to see if it applies to your order.

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