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10 Wedding Gifts For Couples That Won’t Break Your Bank

It is said that a marriage is an alliance of two souls that makes them one. Weddings are definitely not something anybody forgets, especially when it is someone who is close to you who is getting hitched. Wedding seasons pass by in a whirlwind, and scourging for the perfect, memorable wedding gift for couples can be difficult. Nevertheless, everybody wants to make sure that the new couple remembers their gift. Wedding gifts have to be the perfect combination of utility and aesthetics, something that doesn’t cost a lot. To make sure that your pockets don’t weep at the prospect of wedding gift shopping, we have brought together this list of shaadi gifts.

10bed sheet sets

Since two individuals are going to say bye-bye to their bachelor status now, their bed will definitely be upgraded. This makes a king size bed sheet an apt marriage gift. Is it one of the most important items they are going to need in their marriage, right next to communication and trust. The variety offered by this shaadi gift will leave you mesmerized and make it hard to choose one. Also, it doesn’t cost a fortune and is durable. So when your friends get old and reminisce, they will forever remember the wedding gift you gave, without shelling out a fortune.

9Photo frames

Weddings mean lots of rituals, food and pictures. The newlywed couple will positively need something to put their favorite moments in. Photo frames have the dual effect of enhancing a room’s aesthetics while holding onto favorable moments of life. And they are easy on the pockets too. Definitely a classy choice when it comes to marriage gifts for couples.

8Wall clock

New house, new car and new spouse. These are the contents of the package called ‘marriage’. Your friends are going to spend the rest of their lives together and they are going to need to look at the time once in a while. A clock is a personal touch to a house. It’s going to stay on a wall watching the generations to come. It is a memorable wedding gift for couples that will forever be with them.


The wedding doesn’t finish after the rituals are done. It finishes after all the relatives, friends and colleagues have hounded the newlyweds in their own house and made sure to scrutinize their new alliance. ‘Help a friend in need’ definitely comes in work here. A vase will make a beautiful decoration item and is one of those marriage gifts for couples that are duly noted by everyone. You can personalize it to match their house’s theme, much to their appreciation. Now who doesn’t need a shaadi gift that can hold all the flowers from birthdays, anniversaries and after-arguments-making-up to come.

6Show pieces

No one wants to waste hours on end going about looking for showpieces to improve their drawing rooms. The couple would have better things to do. So do your friends a favor and give them an exquisite center piece or peg table piece. This marriage gift for couples won’t make your pockets lighter and will get you brownie points for creativity and thoughtfulness.

5Silver plated gift sets

Silver plated gift sets are a fad that are not ready to leave. They are one of the most prominent wedding gifts for couples. They have a royal touch to them, yet have the price suitable for the common masses. They can be used as crockery, show pieces or memento . These beautiful pieces can be found in the shape of Chinar Patta or geometric designs. This is one wedding gift for couples that never misses to garner attention.

4Crockery sets

One of the duties a newly married couple has to do right after their marriage is to host an array of guests that are going to be gushing over the newlyweds and gossiping about the marriage celebrations. We can all understand how difficult it is to impress all the chachis, mamis, massis and buas. A crockery set is a wedding gift for couples that will take half the load off them and become their savior at just the right time. It is a shaadi gift that makes both the receiver and the giver happy, after all, it doesn’t cost an enormous amount of money yet still does its job extremely well.


For those who prioritize sophistication, paintings make a wedding gift for couples that won’t be harsh on your bank account and still impress the receivers. Paintings can be customized or you can select one that represents the couple’s dynamic relationship. It will add a touch of style to their house. Since paintings are an under rated shaadi gift, you can count on them to make an impact on everyone.

2Beer mugs

Relaxation means good company and good beer. A good marriage gift for couples means good beer mugs. They are something everyone needs once in a while. Beer mugs might seem like something that doesn’t belong to the whole wedding thing, but truthfully, they are a shaadi gift that will be highly appreciated by the newly weds.

1Coffee Machine

A coffee machine makes the top of our marriage gifts for couples list. After a tiresome day of celebrations and socializing, the newly married couple is going to be looking for some good coffee with blotchy eyes. Coffee machines are a must for every household. This shaadi gift will be the most treasured. Who doesn’t love coffee. While they are not super expensive, they are definitely something that will show that you went out of your way to get an extra ordinary wedding gift for the couple.

Now you can worry about the variety of cuisines and the steps you have to dash out to the recent Bollywood pop song at the wedding instead of the wedding gift for couples that you needed to search around for.  At the same time, you can check out these awesome gift ideas for girls.

10 Wedding Gifts For Couples That Won’t Break Your Bank
Navneet Khroud
Slam poet during the day. Gulab Jamun eating champion by night.
December 25, 2016
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