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Our Story

  • Picture of Harsh Rajat, Co-Founder / CEO of GrabShack Harsh Rajat, Co-Founded Digital Poke with Robin and others, it was all about creating Apps and Games.

    Headed Digital Poke as CEO and created 360 Web Browser from scratch, one of the first and critically acclaimed browser for iOS.
  • Robin Srivastava, Co-Founded 3 Magic Shots along with Harsh and others. It became the de-facto company for promotion and giving deals on apps.

    As CEO, Robin's strategy and promotion ideas single handedly drove many of the apps to the Top 10 of the US App Store.
    Picture of Robin Srivastava, Co-Founder / COO of GrabShack
  • With India emerging out as the next big market. We thought of combining the experience of creating hand crafted apps and deals, focusing on the Indian market rather than the world.
  • Saw hundreds of e-commerce sites offering deep discounts, but the inability of users to check all of them out. And the idea of GrabShack was born!
  • Almost a year goes by in figuring out the search engine algorithm, how to partner with so many companies and present the information to the user to consume in a way which doesn't overwhelm them. Figured the only way to do this is to suspend every other project while we are at this.
  • GrabShack Square Logo The brand GrabShack is finally here, with it's swanky stylish logo. Along with the permanent moving of base for Robin from US to India to ensure that we eat, sleep and work together.
  • Pats each other on the back as we see the end of the project and the start of the GrabShack way... Relax and try to connect to our friends again, only to realize none are left.
  • After nailing the search engine and the designing of the website correctly, we realized that the entire thing is great for searching coupons as well.

    Went back to the D&D (design and development) to incorporate them and make GrabShack the one stop for deals and coupons.
  • GrabShack Square Logo Apart from achieving and possibly breaking the longest untrimmed beard record, our frankestien was ready to unleash on the world.

    It's time to reach out to influetial people like you and ask for your support.

    So... Will you help us make it become the monster it's meant to be?